It is a great time for genre fans. Between the Neil Gaiman "American Gods" television series, the upcoming adaptation of "The Mist" by Stephen King, and the upcoming Hulu series of Joe Hill's "Locke & Key" there are a lot of great books coming to television. On top of his "Locke & Key" series, Joe Hill has another property that is being considered with his novel "NOS4A2."


The title of the Joe Hill book makes it clear that this novel shares a lot in common with vampires, as the earliest vampire movie ever made was the German Expressionist classic "Nosferatu." The story of "NOS4A2" is about a psychopath named Charles Manx who drives his 1938 Rolls-Royce Wraith around and abducts children.

He then takes the kids to a place called "Christmasland," where he then drains their souls to keep himself alive.

The hero of "NOS4A2" is a woman named Victoria McQueen, a person with a gift for finding things. She sets out to track down and find Manx and rescue the children that he has abducted.

The Joe Hill story is one of three that AMC is considering picking up. Outside of "NOS4A2," the other two are the mystery thriller "Pandora" and an adaptation of the novel "Silent History." Jami O'Brien ("Hell on Wheels") is producing the Hill adaptation. If this property is picked up by AMC, it will join other genre favorites like "The Walking Dead" and "Preacher" for a great lineup.

'Locke & Key'

The second Joe Hill property that is in the works right now is the comic book series "Locke & Key." This was supposed to happen back in 2011 with Fox, but they passed on it, which is good considering their less-than-stellar track record when it comes to keeping genre shows alive.

The new version is for Hulu, the platform that also produced the series "11/22/63" by Hill's father, Stephen King.

Carlton Cuse ("Lost") is working on the pilot for "Locke & Key" and "Doctor Strange" director Scott Derrickson will direct it. Those are great choices because this Joe Hill property is very high concept.

"Locke & Key" is about the Locke family as they move back into an old house after the murder of the father.

The home is called Keyhouse and there are many secret doors that can transport people to different worlds, including one that can transport you inside someone's actual head. There is also an evil entity called Dodge that wants to be set free and it is up to the three children to solve the mysteries and stop the evil before it is unleashed and destroys their entire family.

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