Tonight on Return to Amish everyone got to see the big wedding of Jeremiah Raber. He is now a married man and it was great to see him tie the knot with Carmela. Now it turns out that not everything that was seen on the show was the way it really went down. Blasting News got the chance to speak exclusively to several guests that were at Jeremiah's big day and find out what TLC changed when editing the video.

What details were not true?

On this new episode of Return to Amish, they acted like they were showing the big rehearsal dinner, but this wasn't the case.

The real rehearsal dinner didn't air at all on the show. Kate tried to say that she didn't know about the wedding until two days before it, but that is not true either. Several sources were able to confirm that Kate had known about the wedding for a while. When Jeremiah Raber lost the marriage license, several people helped him look for it for a long time, but it was never located and they had to get a new one.

On this episode, you see Sabrina crying and it appears that she is upset about Jeremiah getting married. The truth is that Sabrina was upset about missing a visit with her daughter, but for some reason, they edited it to look different according to the sources.

Everyone is extremely upset that a lot of important things were left out of the filming.

The camera crew spoke out several people who are close to Jeremiah, but none of them even aired on the episode. This was meant to be a great episode that Carmela and Jeremiah could have forever, but it didn't turn out the way that the guests expected it to, which means they can't be happy about it either.

What about Jeremiah's family?

OnReturn to Amish, they made it look like Mary was the one who stood up as Jeremiah's family, but that wasn't true at all. Dawn and Steve were there as his family and these are the people that Jeremiah considers his parents, according to sources. Steve and Dawn took Jeremiah in and treated him as their own.

They were never even shown on the wedding episode, even though they are a very important part of his life. Abe was also not his best man, but the show made it look that way. Sources shared that his real best man was Jim Kuhn.

Sources shared that Jeremiah Raber spoke to Steve and Dawn and explained to them that he wanted them to be at the wedding as his parents. This was a very heartfelt moment that for some reason TLC didn't even air. This was one of the most important moments on that day, but it was left out. A source shared that Jeremiah even asked them to film this part for him, which they did, but then they left it out of the show. Jeremiah had people he considers family at the wedding, but they were not even shown at all.

At this time, TLC has not confirmed ifReturn to Amish will come back for another season or not. Seeing that Jeremiah's wedding had a lot of editing, the cast may have a lot to consider about if they want to do this again or not.

Are you shocked to hear that they didn't show the entire truth about Jeremiah Raber's wedding? Do you feel like TLC should have shown his family? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts.