Jeremiah Raber made news last month when he was arrested on domestic violence charges for an altercation he has with his wife Carmela. She reportedly had hot coffee thrown at her and revealed bruises on her arms. Immediately following the incident, Carmela left Jeremiah. The entire thing played out on social media, with Raber giving his account on his Facebook page. Fans couldn't justify his erratic behavior this time, and he didn't get the response he wanted.

Disappearing from social media

After getting a response he didn't like, Jeremiah Raber decided to take a break from social media.

Several of his followers suggested he seek counseling for both himself and his marriage. According to US Weekly, Jeremiah Raber talks about counseling in the "Return To Amish" sneak peek for Sunday's episode. When he tells Mary his plans, she is less than supportive. He wants things to work with his wife so badly and without some outside help, their marriage may not make it.

The news of Jeremiah Raber's arrest wasn't shocking to fans who have watched the show. From "Breaking Amish" to "Return to Amish," his anger issues have been laid out for all to see. Suggesting anger management may have been too late, though some of his followers did just that. There were some words exchanged between Jeremiah and Carmela's family, which made it appear they were not in favor of her going back to him.

What does Carmela want?

Initially, it appeared that Carmela wanted to work things out with Jeremiah Raber. Despite the injuries she reported to the police by way of bruises on her arms, she admitted to wanting her marriage to work. It has been a month now, and there is no news about where things stand. Social media went radio silent once Raber stopped publicly ranting.

While he did take responsibility for what he did and how he acted, there isn't much faith in him doing the right thing. "Return to Amish" fans are hoping this will play out amicably, especially because both parties seem to want to remain together.

"Return to Amish" has a dedicated fan base, one that is vocal about what is happening on the show.

Jeremiah Raber needs to get his life together and work on himself before he can expect his marriage to work. Carmela will hopefully get some counseling to help with what has happened to her, and then begin to make a decision about whether or not her marriage is worth saving. Jeremiah clearly loves her, but is love always enough?