Lizzie is finding herself stuck between a rock and a hard place on “The White Princess.” After finding international support from Spain last week, she now needs to choose between her potential brother and her sons. In “The White Princess” promo for “Two Kings,” it’s clear that she isn’t sure which side to be on or whether to believe that Richard really is her brother.

Protecting the life of her sons

When there have been possible threats to the throne, Lizzie has watched those threats die. Or at least she has believed them to die. When Richard III felt the Princes in the Tower were a threat, they went missing.

We still don’t know to this day what happened to the real Princes in the Tower, but for “The White Princess” it looks like Margaret Beaufort was the murderess.

Lizzie knows that if her husband Henry is removed from the throne, her sons lives are at risk. They are the next heirs and she has to do everything she can to protect them. The problem is that means going up against her mother and potential brother.

Lizzie isn’t sure who to trust in ‘The White Princess’

It’s not that surprising that Lizzie feels guilty. She isn’t sure who to trust around her. While she wants to believe that this Richard is her brother, she also wants to believe that her sons will be safe. The best way to do that is pretend to the world that she doesn’t trust him; that she believes he is a pretender to the throne.

However, actress Jodie Comer, who plays Lizzie in the show, admits that Richard has told her things that a pretender wouldn’t know. She’s starting to believe that this could potentially be her brother. If that’s the case, she will be sending him to his death if Henry Tudor wins. Her mother would never forgive her for that.

If Lizzie shows that she believes this boy is her brother, she will lose her sons.

She has to hide the fact that she is starting to believe and hope for the best.

Lizzie has to remain strong

While all this happens, Lizzie has to remain strong. She has to be the queen her people expect, even if she is crumbling inside. Her mother-in-law Margaret makes it clear that men are the weaker gender and women have to be stronger than them to help.

It looks like Henry will turn to Lizzie for support, as he potentially sends the true son of Edward IV to his death.

The White Princessseason 1 episode 7 airs on Sunday on Starz. It is based on the novel of the same name by Philippa Gregory, sharing her views of what really happened during the Tudor period between Lizzie, Henry, and Perkin Warbeck.