“The Vampire Diaries” actor Ian Somerhalder, 38, is still in awe of his wife of two years Nikki Reed. The couple’s social media accounts are proofs of their enduring love for each other. They post heart-warming messages for each other not just during special occasions.

The “Twilight" actress just celebrated her 29th birthday on May 17, and her husband’s birthday greeting showed how enamored he is with his wife. The romantic post tells what Reed is to him. He seems to convey that his wife is his calming balm when everything outside is chaotic or uncertain. His words also echo his being fortunate in marrying the most amazing human being.

He described her as a powerful and beautiful woman.

Ian Somerhalder never runs out of words of endearment to Nikki Reed

All the words the actor wrote for his wife sum up the depth of his love for his wife who is now pregnant with their first child. Nikki Reed in the same romantic way tells her husband how he has enriched her life.

The couple met and started dating in 2014, then in the following year, they got married. Ian Somerhalder had just broken off with Nina Dobrev when he met Reed. Since they were on-and-off-screen partners, they had their share of the limelight especially at the time they parted ways.

“The Vampire Diaries” at that time suffered especially when Dobrev resigned from the show. The months that followed saw the downward spiral of the show’s ratings.

The pair had such amazing chemistry that their fans remained loyal to them.

"The Vampire Diaries" actor Ian Somerhalder slows down from acting?

The show that was already ended has reached its demise for one reason -- that their team up was already broken. Dobrev appeared for the last time in the show’s finale to give closure to her character Elena Gilbert.

Dobrev also gave closure to the never-ending stories about a love triangle involving her and the Somerhalder couple. An Instagram post showing the couple with Dobrev looking happy ended all speculations of conflict among them.

At present, Somerhalder has more than enough time to spend with his pregnant wife because he has no films lined up for him.

There are no television shows in the pipeline. But it was not known if the actor intentionally took an acting hiatus to take care of his wife.

Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed have so many things in common. One is their mutual love for animals and the environment. Indeed, their marriage was made from heaven.

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