Who is this potential threat to Henry VII’s throne? That is the question throughout England in “The White Princess” season 1, episode 5. Elizabeth Woodville is certain that it is her youngest son, Richard, Duke Of York. However, Lizzie isn’t too certain. In fact, she makes it clear that it is not her brother. Just what can fans expect from the fifth episode of the season?

Lizzie and Elizabeth Woodville are against each other yet again in 'The White Princess'

Its not been a positive relationship for Lizzie and her mother. To be honest, it can’t be easy for Lizzie.

She has constantly been pushed into this marriage to Henry Tudor. They both have, as they admitted to each other a couple of weeks ago. There is regret from both of them, as they feel their lives aren’t their own.

But now that they are King and Queen of England, they need to do everything they can to protect their throne. That means making it clear that Perkin Warbeck is a pretender to the throne. Lizzie shares in the trailer that while she misses her brother, she doesn’t believe that this boy is whom he claims to be. Is it possible that Lizzie really does believe this? Could she know deep down that Perkin Warbeck is her brother, but fear for the life of her son should she and her husband be pushed off the throne?

Margaret Plantagenet is put before Perkin Warbeck

This is a chance for Margaret Plantagenet to win the support of both her cousin and cousin-in-law. Thomas Stanley decides that the best way to determine if Warbeck is Richard, Duke of York, is by putting him in front of Margaret.

There are some issues with the current casting.

Richard, Duke of York would be younger than Margaret, yet in the trailer he appears older. It’s clear that this is a new actor to play the role, but the actress for Margaret hasn’t changed at all. Is this a subtle way for “The White Princess’” to tell fans that this really is a pretender to the throne?

Either way, Elizabeth Woodville believes that her son is alive.

She believes deep within her heart that it is him, but then what mother wouldn’t? She doesn’t actually know if Richard got away. There were many questions about it in the first episode and they haven’t all been resolved. It is possible that Warbeck is just a pretender and happy to play on Elizabeth’s hopes that her second son survived?

The White Princess” continues to tell the story of how Elizabeth Of York and Henry VII effectively fell in love and supported each other. However, the mothers constantly get in the way. Elizabeth Woodville isn’t the only one set for danger this week, as Margaret Beaufort’s dark secret is going to come out.