Did you know that “The White Princess” is now on Starz? Based on the book of the same name by historical fiction writer Phillipa Gregory, the series tells the story of Elizabeth of York and Henry VII of England. For “Reign” fans who don’t know British history, this is Mary, Queen of Scots’ great-grandparents and Elizabeth of England’s grandparents.

With “Reign” coming to an end, fans will be looking for a new show to steal their hearts. “The White Princess” is that series and here are four reasons why.

It’s loosely based on history

Historical fiction tends to have ties to history but with extra fluidity.

There are aspects that are changed, added, or removed for the sake of dramatization. “Reign” has certainly had that from the very first day, with many history fans fearing that they would hate all the changes. “The White Queen” is the same, since it is based on a novel by an author with a habit of changing history. Viewers will get an idea of how loose Gregory is by seeing adaptations of other books, especially “The Other Boleyn Girl.”

It’s a similar time period

Mary, Queen of Scots’ life on “Reign” is roughly between 1558 and 1587. Elizabeth of York’s (who is the main character in the series) as Queen of England in the book is roughly between 1485 and 1503. The two time periods may be around a century apart, but the style and expectations of women in court are very similar.

Fans who love court intrigue and manipulation will certainly enjoy “The White Princess.” For those who aren’t sure, the prequel “The White Queen,” which aired on BBC stations, is something to watch for a few episodes to get an idea of what to expect.

‘Reign’ and ‘The White Princess’ have strong female characters

One thing that pulls many fans to the show about Mary is the focus on strong female characters.

Season 4 has been about that more than previous years, with the majority of people in charge being women. “The White Princess” is promising to be just the same. The story focuses on Elizabeth of York, as the head of the House of York and the believed heir to Edward IV’s throne.

While Elizabeth of York in history is considered penitent and humble, that is not how she was portrayed in the very first episode of the season.

There is still much more to come, as she maneuvers her way around Henry VII’s court.

“Reign” season 4 continues on the CW network on Fridays at 9pm. There is expected to be another week break, as there are seven episodes but eight weeks left until the series finale on June 16, 2017. “The White Princess” season 1 has just started and will air Sundays on Starz.