Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo had a great time on their big honeymoon, and it turns out they even tried a few different things to eat on the trip. In a new video posted by the Duggar family, they shared that Jinger and Jeremy actually tried out Australian food that they aren't used to seeing here at all. You have to watch the video to see how it went down.

Jinger and Jeremy's big lunch in Sydney, Australia

They went to a very old hotel for lunch, and they brought them out an Australian dish right away. The appetizer wasn't something that they cared for at all.

You could tell by the looks Jeremy was giving that he was not a fan. They tried vegemite that was on toast. This vegemite is made with yeast extract, various spices, and vegetables. Jinger wanted her phone to take a picture of Jeremy eating it, and the looks he was making were hilarious. She did seem to like it a bit better than he did. The crazy thing was that Jeremy kept eating it even though you could tell he didn't enjoy it.

Jinger Vuolo did explain that Jeremy loves trying new things, so he helped her to get out of her box and do it. Jeremy even said, "it tastes like it is good for you." The place had a lot of normal food like burgers and pizza, but they had weird ingredients. They had things like emu and kangaroo on them, which of course Jinger Duggar Vuolo isn't used to eating that at all.

The couple was up for at least trying something new, but they didn't go too crazy.

Jinger Duggar Vuolo looked shocked at the idea of eating emu. They even had crocodile on the menu. The did try a few new things. Jinger and Jeremy just weren't sure what to eat, but they did order something. The food looked really normal. They both tried each other's food to see what they liked, and Jinger said that the crocodile pizza was probably the best she has ever had.

She did get a burger that just had beef on it like they are used to eating at home. It sounds like kangaroo and emu were both a bit much for her and she didn't want to try them.

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The new season will show all about how Jeremy and Jinger are doing with their newly married life and living in Texas away from her family. She has been dealing with a lot of big changes and the fans can't wait to see how Jinger is doing now.