In a new video, the Duggar boys are seen helping Grandma Duggar fix her log cabin up. In a video posted by TLC, the boys are doing some block work on Grandma's cabin to help her out. Josiah explains what is going on with everyone. She has owned it for a while, but sold the property underneath it. She had to make a choice if she wanted to destroy it or move the cabin somewhere else. The plan was to move it to a new location so that Grandma Duggar could continue living there. This meant she would get paid to sell the land, but she was able to keep her home, which worked out perfect for her.

What did they do with the house?

The house actually was going to be set up and fixed for Grandma Duggar. This was going to be her residence that she would live in from now on. Jeremiah and Jedidiah were working on the house as well with a friend who is a contractor and was helping them out. They were getting it all set on blocks so that it would be ready for her to live in full-time. They didn't share where she was living at while they waited on this to all be done. She is very excited to be so close to all of the kids. It sounds like she will be close enough the grandchildren can run over and see her right away if they want to do it.

The family was there working together. All of the boys were there and they were laying blocks and even some were mixing the mortar.

Grandma Duggar even showed up to check out what was going on. She actually owns this house and will be living there. This house in a new location is one of her dreams. Jim Bob Duggar actually lived in this house before. He was in that house while he was just a teenager and the boys remember stories that he shared over the years from when he lived in that home.

Her house is now across the field from the big Duggar house, so Grandma Duggar will be really close by to help out and get to see all of the kids. Everyone seems really happy with this new change. Hopefully, her house is ready now, but the Duggars haven't revealed if she is living in the log cabin again yet or not.

What do you think of Grandma Duggar moving her log cabin to be right by the rest of the Duggar family?

Do you think that this was a great decision for the family? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss "Counting On" when it returns to TLC this summer. So far, there is no talk about if this will be shown on the series or not, but the fans would love to see it. TLC has the video up on their "Counting On" page on Facebook for now.