Getting a divorce is certainly not easy for couples who are heading to that route. To be highly popular celebrities like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, it is definitely extra tough having to deal with the heartache and paparazzi at the same time. But a new report now claims that the "Maleficent" actress may still not be over her ex-husband just yet, sparking rumors that she may be regretting filing for a divorce from him.

“Angelina still misses Brad after everything that they went through," an insider revealed to Hollywood Life exclusively. "No matter what, he is still the love of her life." The source then went on to say that her relationship with the 53-year-old actor and producer was the most rewarding out of all her relationships.

"Those feelings didn’t just stop the day she left," the insider added.

Angelina still has feelings for Brad after months apart?

While there is no official word if Angelina Jolie is regretting her decision in filing a divorce from Brad Pitt, her missing the actor makes a lot of sense. The famous duo has been together for a decade and has been married for two years, so it's quite understandable that the 41-year-old actress, filmmaker, and humanitarian can't just easily erase her love for her estranged husband.

On top of that, the former Hollywood power couple shares six beautiful kids together, so the "Allied" actor will always be a part of their lives. Multiple reports revealed that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been trying to sort what's best for their children, like visitation and bonding with the actor, but that does not mean that they will reconcile and get back together, at least not yet.

Brad moves on with another actress after Brangelina split?

Meanwhile, Brad Pitt was romantically linked to Sienna Miller recently. The duo was alleged "heavily enjoying each other's company" in L.A. last month. Before the rumor gets bigger and messier, Jude Law's former partner quickly slammed the claims that she and Angelina Jolie's ex are more than just friends.

The 35-year-old actress, model and fashion designer took the chance to set the record straight about her and Brad's alleged romance during the Cinema Society Screening of her new movie, "The Lost City of Z."

”I’m not going to even dignify it with a response," Sienna Miller told Page Six. "It's predictable and silly." Brad Pitt served as a producer on the actress' new movie, which may be the reason why people have spotted them together.