One of the biggest names in political social media is Tomi Lahren. After reaching a deal to leave The Blaze, Lahren spoke to Playboy and opened up about where's she's been, where she's going, and addressed those who have been critical of her in the past.

Tomi triggered

Ever since Donald Trump announced his campaign for president back in the summer of 2015, social media has changed the landscape of American politics. The former host of "The Apprentice" was instantly engaged in a heated feud with the mainstream media and decided to bypass the press to push his agenda and campaign message.

Trump used Twitter as his number one form of communication, which instantly became headline news anytime he decided to send out a tweet. While Trump has been known for his controversial use of Twitter, others have followed in his footsteps and capitalized on the popularity and organic reach of various social media platforms. One name that has done that with success has been Tomi Lahren, the 24-year-old blonde bombshell who just recently left The Blaze after a clash Glenn Beck and others. Lahren, a staunch supporter of Trump and right-wing conservatism, admitted she was pro-choice during an interview on "The View" earlier this year, which led to her ousting at the network. With her sights set on the future, Lahren sat down with Playboy during an interview on May 2.

During an exclusive interview with Playboy, Tomi Lahren opened up about her past, as well as her future plans. During the conversation, Lahren was pressed about the criticism she's received by those who say she only got where she is because of her stunning good looks.

Playboy name-dropped the most used stereotypes against her like "Blonde Bimbo" and "airhead," and asked if she was offended. "I do find it offensive," Lahren admitted, who ironically has made a name for herself by routinely attacking liberals for being too politically correct.

Tomi Lahren said that she doesn't let it bother her, and noted that the criticism comes from people across the political spectrum.

"Many conservatives do it to me as feminists and folks on the left," she noted, before adding, "Those who feel threatened by you or your success will seek to tear you down. " Lahren continued, warning that she is "not going anywhere," while adding that her "15 minutes" are far from being over.

Tomi's take

Also during the interview, Tomi Lahren addressed her time at the conservative One American News Network where she hosted "One Point with Tomi Lahren," claiming she "built that show from nothing." On what her future holds, she expressed her desire to join Fox News, referring to it as the "mecca." As of pres time, Lahren is considered a free agent, and only time will tell were she lands next.