Josh Duggar has been working as a used car salesman since his time on reality television is over. It sounds like Josh is pretty good at the job, but he recently had an issue come up, and things didn't go as planned. It turns out that while letting someone go on a Test Drive, they ended up stealing the car Josh Duggar let them take out. Radar Online shared the details about what allegedly went down.

What went down with Josh Duggar?

A source close to the Duggars said that this is the only way that Josh is making a living right now. The source went on to explain that Josh and his wife Anna are having a few financial issues due to this being their only income.

They have four kids with another one on the way. Anna is on the show once in a while, but Josh isn't on it at all anymore.

The source went on to explain that Josh forgot to do something very important before letting someone do a test drive. You are supposed to take down their drivers' license information, but Josh didn't do that this time. The guy drove off with the car, but then he never brought it back at all. He just stole the car from the car lot. Sometimes people who work at used car lots get into the vehicles with the person test driving and go along. It doesn't sound like Josh Duggar did this at all.

Okay, so this isn't all to this story, though. Before the guy went out to test drive the vehicle, another car salesman that works with Josh saw that the guy had a gun in his car.

He actually bought it off of him for $70 and then later found out that this gun was used in a crime. It was part of an aggravated assault that went down earlier that day according to a police report. No word on exactly what happened, but it doesn't sound like a good situation to be in.

There is even more to the story, though.

The criminal allegedly used this car lot to trade out stolen vehicles. He actually showed up in a vehicle that was stolen out of Oklahoma. This is a huge mess, and so far the family isn't speaking out about it at all, but Josh Duggar had to be pretty shocked about how this all went down for him. Fans would love to get more details straight from Josh, but he is pretty much staying out of the spotlight anymore.

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