After weeks of speculation, fans of “Chicago Justice” have news about the fate of their show. Unfortunately, it’s not the good news they’d hoped for, despite NBC hinting at the idea of a renewal. “Justice” has officially become the first fatality of the “One Chicago” franchise.

Luckily the show did get to air its season 1 finale, which is more than can be said for the likes of “Powerless” and “Time After Time,” two freshman shows cancelled this year. However, it is bad news, as it shows that the “One Chicago” franchise isn’t as indestructible as it initially seemed.

NBC couldn’t find a home for ‘Chicago Justice’

Considering NBC wanted to keep the show, it does seem surprising that the cancellation news was shared. It turns out that the network just couldn’t find a slot for the legal drama in the lineup. There are just too many new shows coming to the network and not enough others have been cancelled to make room.

This should have been clear earlier this month. After all, there wasn’t even room to keep “Chicago Med” in the fall 2017 schedule. It is the first of the four Chicago-based shows to move back to a midseason premiere after being promoted to a fall lineup in its sophomore year.

Jon Seda may return to ‘Chicago P.D.’

While fans are disappointed with the news, they are more concerned about the future of one star in particular.

Jon Seda, who played Antonio Dawson, originally started on parent show “Fire.” He then moved into “P.D.” as a series regular. At the end of season 3, Antonio agreed to take on a job at the State Attorney’s office to help bring fans to the new legal drama.

Now fans want to know if Seda will return to “Chicago P.D.” There currently isn’t a space for him, but it wouldn’t be that surprising if a space was found.

It is possible that the “Justice” department will be somehow written into “P.D.” every now and then to keep Seda in temporarily until a more permanent decision is made.

It may not be the end

The good news is that it may not be the complete end of “Chicago Justice.” There are talks about bringing the show back for the 2018 season.

Of course, this is just a possibility. The stars of the show are not likely to wait around for a year to find out if they will have work or not. They will actively seek new shows of their own.

That being said, a summer placement for 2018 is a possibility. After all, “Timeless” is going to get a summer 2018 slot after originally being cancelled after its first season. “Chicago Justice” was also rated higher than two shows that NBC decided to renew, suggesting that there is some hope.