ReignSeason 4 is almost at an end. There are just three episodes left and it looks like the episodes will need to fast forward through the last 20 years of Mary, Queen of Scots’ life. But the big question right now is about the show airing this week. Will there be a new episode on Friday, May 26?

The unfortunate answer is “no.” There will be no new episode of “Reign” season 4 this week. There won’t even be a repeat! The good news is that it will return next week with an all-new episode and will continue to air until the series finale.

Not surprising news about the break

Honestly, the one-week break isn’t that surprising.

When The CW announced the “Reign” series finale would air on June 16, 2017, fans who did the math knew that something was off. There were more weeks than there were episodes left, as The CW had already confirmed “Reign” season 4 would be a 16-episode season.

Episode 13 was a good place to bring a break. Poor Rizzio was murdered (in front of pregnant Mary) and now it was time for Mary to plot revenge. She needs Darnley gone to secure her Scottish throne and bring the Protestants back into her fold. There are now three weeks to finish Mary’s story, with the death of Darnley, the birth of James VI, her marriage to Bothwell, and her execution. All those four things must happen to stick to the bones of Mary’s real story.

What will happen next in ‘Reign’ season 4?

Fans can’t wait for the next episode of the historical drama. The trailer makes it clear that Mary is not happy with the traitors in her country. At one point she is even seen removing the wood from a man’s feet, making him drop and hang to his death. The question now is who this man is. If the show sticks to history well, it can’t be any of her main enemies, including Darnley and John Knox.

Meanwhile Darnley is attempting to bring the war of two kingdoms to a head. He knows that Elizabeth and Mary will need to fight against each other for the crowns (and security) that they both want. Up to this point, Elizabeth’s story has been relatively weak compared to Mary’s. This is the chance to turn that around and bring excitement back into the English court.

Elizabeth’s world is set to turn upside down. Will she find out she’s pregnant again—and now not know who the father of her child is? Is it also possible that she will say goodbye to Gideon in favor of the archduke?

“Reign” season 4 returns to The CW at 9/8c on June 2. There are just three episodes left for the show.

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