Chicago Justice” fans still have no idea whether the show will be renewed or canceled. NBC has yet to confirm the fates of a few straggler shows; those that aren’t performing quite as well as expected. It could mean that “Chicago Justice” is the first casualty of the “ One Chicago” franchise, which is also the home of “Chicago Fire,” “Chicago P.D.,” and “Chicago Med.” All others have been renewed, with their premiere dates for next season announced.

"Chicago Justice" is the fourth "One Chicago" show

The franchise started with Firehouse 51, which continues to perform well on NBC.

It’s one of the highest rated shows on the network, focusing on the lives of the firemen, firewomen, and paramedics under the command of Chief Boden. More than just a workplace, the show focuses on being a family. This focus has spread into the spinoffs created.

Chicago Justice” was the fourth creation by Dick Wolf iwithn the franchise. There were high hopes with Jon Seda moving over to the show from his comfortable position on “Chicago P.D.” As Antonio Dawson, Seda has been in all four of the shows, with a prominent role in three.

There were expectations that “Chicago Justice” would be renewed, despite the lower ratings compared to the other shows. Lower ratings were expected, considering the show was given a Sunday night slot.

However, it seems that the ratings are too low to keep the crime/legal drama on the air.

Maybe a late spring show

According to NBC boss Bob Greenbelt, there is hope for “Chicago Justice.” Right now the network wants to find a home for it on the schedule, which is currently packed. The NBC fall 2017 schedule has already been confirmed and there is clearly no space for it yet.

Greenbelt says that the show may need to wait for a spring premiere.

This isn’t that surprising for fans. “Chicago Justice” didn’t premiere until after the winter break in 2017. It has a shorter season order compared to the other “One Chicago” shows, but that wasn’t an initial worry. In fact, all spinoffs were given midseason start dates and shorter runs before being moved to a fall slot.

The difference with the other shows is that they proved to be instantly popular. NBC would have lost money had it not decided to renew all with a fall premiere for subsequent years.

“Chicago Justice” isn’t the only show with an uncertain future on the network. “Trial & Error” may not return for the second season and there are still questions over when freshman show “The Sackett Sisters” will premiere on the network. NBC has already confirmed a U-turn on “Timeless,” but decided to move it to a summer 2018 slot.