Jenelle Evans' mother, barbara evans, was awarded with primary custody of seven-year-old Jace during a court appearance on Wednesday in North Carolina. As "Teen Mom 2" fans will recall, Jenelle was attempting to win back full custody of her child after being unable to care for him after his birth.

Following today's court hearing, Barbara spoke to Radar Online about the outcome, revealing she was happy that she and Jenelle were able to come to an agreement for Jace. Although Jenelle still has no custody rights to the child, she is now able to see the child regularly with a court-mandated visitation schedule.

Jenelle Evans wanted to regain full custody of her oldest child

Prior to court, Jenelle Evans was open with her desire for more time with her child. However, a judge ruled in her mother's favor. Years ago, Barbara was given custody of Jace as her daughter struggled to get on her feet. Years later, the reality star openly struggled with an addiction to drugs and ultimately treated the issue in rehab.

Although Jenelle and Barbara were prepared to go to trial, they instead came to a mutual agreement at the Brunswick County Courthouse and according to Barbara, doing so was in her daughter's best interest. “[Jenelle] didn’t want to go through that,” her mom revealed. “It would have been awful for her.”

As Barbara explained, going through a messy trial would have likely shown "Teen Mom 2" fans a side of her daughter that they hadn't previously seen.

“There are a lot of things that people don’t know about Jenelle,” Barbara explained.

Jenelle Evans truly believed she would regain custody of Jace Evans

According to eyewitnesses at the courthouse, emotions were high during the hearing as the reality star, who has two younger children with two different men, attempted to convince the court that she was ready to have her son full time.

“I believe Jenelle really thought she was going to get custody of Jace,” Barbara said.

Although Jenelle still doesn't have custody of her oldest child, she does have custody of her two younger children, two-year-old Kaiser, who she welcomed during her relationship with Nathan Griffith, and four-month-old Ensley, whose father is David Eason, Jenelle's current fiance.

To see more of Jenelle Evans and her family, including her mother, Barbara Evans, tune into the eighth season of "Teen Mom 2" when the season premieres later this year on MTV.

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