Powerless” fans will be disappointed with today’s news. The show is definitely set for cancellation. News this morning broke that NBC decided to pull the last two episodes of the season off the air. That’s right! NBC won’t even let the show air its final two episodes! That shows just how much the network believes in the comedy.

It’s looked bad from the start

To be honest, plenty of people tuned in without much hope for “Powerless.” Initially an interesting idea for the show, the network quickly lost faith. Within a handful of episodes, the show faced an unexpected two-week break.

The first week was completely planned, but the second was only announced (and not even by the network, but by one of the executive producers) hours before the show actually aired. Most people turned on their DVR to find a disappointing episode of “Trial & Error.”

This was followed by a number of blunders and issues, which meant the show just couldn’t gain the traction that it needed. However, there are loyal fans out there wanting to see how the show will wrap. More importantly, there are fans who want to see Adam West in the episode!

No ‘Powerless’ for two weeks

NBC’s “Powerless” has been cancelled for the next two weeks. It was supposed to air this Thursday and then next Thursday for the season (more like series) finale.

However, Patrick Schumacker came onto Twitter on Tuesday morning to share the bad news with fans. He couldn’t share much about the show’s future but did acknowledge that it wasn’t good news.

There have been questions from fans, and Schumacker has generously answered them as much as possible. The decision to take the show off the air for two weeks is not due to the writer’s strike that is currently looking set to happen.

The season has already been filmed and production wrapped.

This is clearly a decision by a network that did not offer the right support to its newbie show. There was promise and potential but that was ripped from the beginning.

Would the insurance theme have worked better?

“Powerless” is about a group of people working under Van Wayne, Bruce Wayne’s cousin.

They help create gadgets for the people of Charm City—and sometimes the superheroes. However, that wasn’t the original premise of the show. NBC’s “Powerless” was supposed to be about an insurance company. They would deal with the financial side of rebuilding a city that the superheroes destroyed while trying to save it. This could have been a successful premise.

What will you do for Thursday night TV viewing now? Don’t forget to let NBC know how you feel about “Powerless” season 1 not getting to wrap in full.