Although this season proclaimed, that it would be unable to maintain the same legendary story-lines (we still have a difficult time recovering from God and the Darkness), Season 12 can be still regarded as grounded, interesting, but a little too crowded for the Winchesters

The British Men of Letters

To begin with, this season can be considered as crowded, disorganized, and cloudy. The writers decided to introduce too many new story lines, complicated plots, and new characters. The British Men of Letters seemed intriguing at first, however, despite them having some interesting qualities, it does not compare to the focal points of previous seasons.

A plot twist of huge proportions was bringing

A plot twist of huge proportions was bringing Mary Winchester back to life, and as it turns out, her character did not possess the same echo. The fans, and the boys themselves were used to looking at her as a hero, savior, and a perfect mother, however, Mary, on the other hand, proved herself to be flawed. She might have amazing hunting abilities, which captivated the attention of the BMOL, however, her motherly abilities could use a boost.

The relationship between Mary, Sam, and Dean

She did not make any heartfelt attempts to truly connect with the boys, despite her sons continuous attempts to reconcile with her. It is rather sad to watch how Dean continuously makes calls after calls, Sam tries to reconcile a relationship that practically never existed, while Mary is off to her true calling, hunting.

However, this does not depict a lack of love on her side. At several points during the season, she was ready to give up her life for the sake of her boys and did everything she could to keep them safe. This just goes to show that her 34-year absence from the life of her boys, made it truly difficult for them to go back to where they started from.

She loved Sam and Dean with all her heart and soul, however, she failed to recognize that the two gigantic men standing in front of her were the same toddlers, that she left behind. Although she made some attempts, her motherly instincts were over-run by the hunter who wanted to eradicate evil on Earth. Fans were genuinely shocked in the previous season finale when Sam and Dean mumbled the words "Mom?!", thus bringing the show to a whole new level. The whole "Supernatural" fandom was experiencing a mix of curiosity, love, and unfamiliarity with the existence of Mary.