As Jared Padalecki and Genvieve Padalecki welcomed into the word their baby girl Odette Elliot Padalecki, the "Supernatural" actor has had to constantly juggle his personal life with that of Sam Winchester. While being both a father and a hunter of evil beings that roam the Earth, Jared has just finished the filming for season 12.

Season 12 plot

In the beginning Sam was held captive by the British Men of Letters, thus giving season 12 a major boost. The story line revolved around the rest of the Winchesters trying to save Sam, with Sam showing the true hero that he was in the face of danger.

Maybe because the fans were too hyped from the breathtaking season 11, they described this season as grounded, simple, and over-the-top in the places it should not have been. The writers made a risky move by adding Mary Winchester in that family of three (Castiel included, of course), which resulted in mixed opinions and reactions among fans. What seemed to be undoubtedly a success was the presence of Lucifer, and deciding to let him have an offspring. This plot twist rustled quite a few feathers, but ultimately ended up making this whole season most certainly worth the watch

A hero

Sam Winchester, the boy with the demon blood, is the being whose very existence electrified the universe. Born in Lawrence and “under a bad sign," Sam was raised as a warrior.

However, what Sam couldn’t storm away from was his past, and when it caught up with him, it gripped him tight, murdered the love of his life, and broke the selfless little soldier in ways human beings aren’t meant to be broken. Beneath the scars on his torso, beneath the prophecies imprinted in his destiny, and beyond the evil roaming in his veins, he is the dauntless hero that has given humankind every fiber of his being.

Review of season 12 role

This aspect of his character was visible in the first 5 seasons and in season 11, however, as season 12 approaches its finale, Sam Winchester has not had the same role as in previous seasons. In some episodes, Sam Winchester's presence was not truly felt. This season featured many more characters as the British Me of Letters were introduced, and has had a rather difficult time tying up all the loose ends from Lucifer's apprentice.

Some may point to this as the reason why this season has seen an 8% drop in viewership. It seems that the heart of the show, even after 12 years, is still Sam and Dean Winchester.

In all of the episodes Jared Padalecki's acting is truly amazing and breathtaking. Even as the writers have become preoccupied with developing secondary characters, Sam and Dean will always be the heart of "Supernatural."