Alex Devane is causing a lot of chaos on "General Hospital," but she may have just met her match in Valentin Cassadine. Those two have been going back and forth for weeks now. While it seemed like Alex had the upper hand, Valentin has turned the tables on her. On Tuesday's episode, he confronted her about the listening device that she had installed on the watch she gifted him. At the end of the show, it looked like he did away with her for good. Did Valentin really kill her?

The tale of two Annas

For weeks now, fans have seen the face of Anna Devane running around Port Charles stalking Valentin.

While everyone at first thought it was Anna, it was just confirmed that the woman in town is actually her twin sister Alex. Where is Anna? She is lying in a hospital bed in London being heavily sedated by a no-good doctor that is likely working for Alex, Faison, or someone else. In the meantime, Alex has been toying with Valentin to get information about the Chimera Project.

Thanks to his wife, Nina, Valentin finally got a clue that Anna/Alex has been playing him all this time and he is angry. At the end of Tuesday's episode of "General Hospital," he had her cornered and was ready to do away with her. At least that is what it looked like.

Is Alex really dead?

It is doubtful that Valentin really killed Alex.

He may be capable of it since he supposedly shot and killed Nikolas last year, but he may just have strongly warned her, or possibly threatened her, to get her to stop. "General Hospital" spoilers hint that Anna will escape from the London hospital and be back in Port Charles for the Nurses Ball next week. This is when she will apparently come face-to-face with her twin sister.

If Valentin really did kill Alex, then he will be quite surprised when her face eventually shows up once again. The Chimera project has become the top storyline right now and has involved not only Alex and Valentin, but also Jake Webber and his dad, Jason Morgan. It's all about to come to a head very soon.

Mistaken identity

Poor Anna is currently being held against her will in England.

Everyone thinks that she is Alex, but she is so heavily sedated that she can't even speak. The doctor knows this, but the nurse seems concerned about how much he is giving her. Will she be the one who helps Anna escape?

Who is Alex working for anyway? It could be Faison who always seems to pop up on "General Hospital" every few years. Or she could be working alone. The Nurses Ball will be the place to start next week as the Chimera project is about to explode. Stay tuned to see what answers will be revealed.

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