Ten days after her actual birth, the couple officially announced the birth of their baby girl, Odette Elliot padalecki. After her birth, the couple took the opportunity to help with the fundraising of Pop & Suki, by advertising monogrammed hearts.

How it all started

The couple met and fell in love during season 4 of "Supernatural," with Jared Padalecki in the role of Sam Winchester, and Genevieve Cortese as the demon, Ruby, portraying controversial lovers on-screen. The sparks between them continued off-screen, as the couple got married at the end of Season 5, a year after they started to date.

In the words of Jensen Ackles, "Gen used to have a puppy with a waving tail always following her around." The "Supernatural" script writers initially intended for Sam and Ruby to get married at the end of Season 4; however, since the couple got engaged in real life, they decided to have Sam kill Ruby for treason. The writers did not want their story line to continue off and on-screen simultaneously, since it could be considered cheesy.

Pop & Suki

A year after their marriage, the couple welcomed into the world their first child, Thomas Padalecki, and later on, Sheppard, and baby Odette. The couple decided to use the announcement as an opportunity to raise funds and awareness through a baby shower collaboration with brand Pop & Suki.

Jared Padalecki endorsed this campaign in order to support the fundraising for this cause. The partnership benefits the Human Rights Campaign, a gay rights organization, and Planned Parenthood, an organization dedicated to women's health.

Although there has been some controversy surrounding these organizations, the couple has given their full support.

Jared has been involved with charity organizations and awareness campaigns about depression, suicide, and anxiety issues. Always Keep Fighting and Love Yourself First were Jared's way of giving back to the community, especially after he dealt with depression issues himself.

Odette, Shep, and Tom

The two "young hunters" will now have a new sister to look after.

Although Jared and Genvieve keep their children out of the spotlight, except for the occasional Facebook or Instagram post, the children, aged 3 and 5, seem truly excited about the arrival of their baby sister. Jared Padalecki stated that despite the lack of balance in his life -- juggling the filming of "Supernatural" and being a father of three -- he loves his life and is doing his absolute best.