The last half of "Pretty Little Liars" season 7 is right around the corner, and the fans are holding on to the edge of their seats for one last final round of secrets, lies, deceit and shocking truths. The journey of Alison, Spencer, Hannah, Emily, and Aria have not been easy as they defied death, jail time and ruined relationships because of "A." The exciting and mysterious plot of "PLL" have been the burning ember that has carried out the series into seven successful seasons. Now that the end of the series is looming, fans are curious and very much intrigued on how things might turn out for the show's main characters.

Will there be a happy ending? Or will there be a death of famous characters in "PLL" season 7 finale? Fans of the series know all too well that the showrunners do not necessarily hold back on the shock factor for the series. Main characters have been either pronounced dead only to have them come back a few episodes or seasons after. However, the upcoming season 7B will be different from the others as there will be no more chances for the characters to "come back to life" or seek revenge or hunt for "A."

'PLL' Season 7 - happy ending on the line

For the past six seasons, the fans have grown accustomed to either a painfully cliffhanging episode or a major character getting killed or being in dire danger.

The upcoming season 7 finale has fans wondering if the showrunners will choose to give the viewers a happy ending as a gift for being loyal all throughout.

Admittedly, the fans of the series all deserve to see the Rosewood girls have a happy ending. However, knowing Marlene King and the rest of the "PLL" team, a happy ending might look too bleak and a very unlikely ending for a drama mystery series like this one.

The neverending search for A's identity

Aside from a happy ending, fans of the series are also very excited to find out who "A" really is. While Charlotte DiLaurentis have been highlighted as "A" in the previous season, her death has apparently shifted the game and has fans wondering who could have taken her place.

Of course, it can be highly possible that Charlotte is not dead and simply hiding her identity as she worms her way into the girls' lives once again.

Other "Pretty Little Liars" season 7 theories and spoilers also speculate that Ezra might still have a card that he has yet to reveal to the girls, to Aria, or to anyone at all.

Are you ready for the shocking truths and the horrible lies in the last leg of "PLL?" Catch the first of the past 10 episodes of "Pretty Little Liars" finale on April 18, 2017, on Freeform.