'Pretty Little Liars' Season 7 may be on hiatus right now, but its absence on the small screen hasn't stopped the fans from speculating on what might be the ending of the series. The mystery-thriller series has been known for its shocking revelations and twisted endings, which have been leaving the fans on the edge of their seats. Every season finale is considered to be a major game changer and there were even suspicious characters who became protagonists while there were also protagonists who became suspects as well.

For those who initially thought that "Pretty Little Liars" Season 7 was simply a teenage drama with suspense-filled twists, the series is a perfect example of the famous line that "first impressions don't last." Ready for the last hurrah of Alison, Spencer, Emily, Hannah and Aria?

Warning, major spoilers ahead!

Charlotte DiLaurentis might be alive, EzRia wedding dead-end of wild goose chase

Fans and avid followers of "Pretty Little Liars" know all too well that the showrunners have been putting the viewers on a Wild Goose Chase, keeping them guessing on the identity of "A" and who might be the next victim. Searching for the identity of "A" since Season 1 might be expected to be dragging for non-"PLL" fans, but for the loyal watchers of the series, following the Rosewood girls' journey to uncover the identity of "A" has been one hell of a great ride. Now that it's only a few months away before the last 10 episodes unfold, the excitement and suspense for "A's" real identity have been building up.

In the previous episodes, Charlotte Dilaurentis, who has admitted that she was "A" all along, was surprisingly killed, leaving a temporary but pregnant void in the plot. Fans know all too well that a death of a certain character isn't always a real death, with some killed-off characters returning after a few episodes or seasons to give the story a major twist.

Last Ten Episodes Jampacked With Answers

With this, "Pretty Little Liars" Season 7 spoilers reveal that Charlotte DiLaurentis might still be alive and may return one last time to mess with the upcoming wedding of Ezra and Aria. Further, spoilers also reveal a possible death of not one, but two characters. Will it be Charlotte and Alison?

Or will it be Hannah, Emily, Spencer or Aria?

The final episode will be a two-hour stretch, which is very logical considering that a series as complicated as this needs to tie a lot of loose threads. Catch the last 10 episodes of "Pretty Little Liars" on Apr. 18, 2017 on Freeform.