Did you know that “Pretty Little Liars” was a book series before it became a TV show? In fact, the series is based on the same four core characters: Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer. Alison is the fifth friend from the series, mentioned at the very beginning as the reason the girls are pulled back together.

Like all book to show adaptations, there are some major differences. For those who are gearing up for the final 10 episodes of “PLL” and want more, the books are definitely worth a read. Here’s a look at some major differences without actually giving away any of the spoilers!

We’ve got a secret and we can keep it…

Names and faces have changed from the ‘Pretty Little Liars’ books

One thing certain is the characters. While the core characters are the same, there are others who aren’t in the book series and vice versa. There are various reasons why TV shows will cut out characters and change them, and “PLL” is certainly not the only show to do this. “The Vampire Diaries” skipped a couple of characters and made changes to others to suit the CW show and “Game of Thrones” is known for some character changes.

The descriptions of the Liars are different

The only Liar to look very much like her character in the book is Aria. The others are all very different. In fact, some people complain that the books haven’t done enough for diversity, unlike the show.

While the descriptions are different, the personalities are very much the same as they are on the show.

However, as for diversity, Emily is still a lesbian in the books. Her parents don’t quite take the news as well and that is a storyline within itself. This shows a very different side to coming out to the family.

There’s a different twin

When I. Marlene King announced that there would be a twin storyline in “Pretty Little Liars,” fans of the books instantly wondered whether it would be the same as in the books. Sure enough, there is a twin storyline but it’s definitely not Mrs. DiLaurentis and Mary Drake. If you want to know who it is, you will have to read the books!

Pretty Little Liarsreturns this month with the final 10 episodes. Just who do you think is A.D. and how many other book to show differences will there be?