house of cardsSeason 5 will finally be aired on Netflix next month. Details about the upcoming season, however, is scarce from production as well as Netflix, have been very cagey.


Several reports were claiming that the next season of the widely viewed series will be available on May 30. The airdate for the fifth installment is later compared to the previous seasons. With the previous season, the streaming site started airing them in the month of either February or March. The delay, according to speculations was due to several issues that have risen in the series’ top production team.


Netflix has a treat for fans of the political-drama series. On May 30, when “House of Cards” season 5 starts rolling, the streaming service will release the full season. This means that fans can watch the entire season 5 in just one sitting if they wish to. Critically acclaimed actor Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright are expected to reprise their roles as the President Frank Underwood and First Lady Claire Underwood of the White House in the coming season.

New characters will join the actors in the upcoming season. Recently, Netflix confirmed that Patricia Clarkson and Campbell Scott would be in the fifth season of the political drama series. Clarkson is popularly known for her role on the TV show, Six Feet Under and cameos on Parks and Recreation.

On the other hand, Scott was previously in The Amazing Spider-Man and Royal Plains.

Their respective roles in the series are yet to be confirmed. Melissa James Gibson and Frank Pugliese who replaced the seat vacated by Beau Willimon wrote the upcoming series.

Previous episode

In the episode where the show took off, it can be recalled that Frank and Claire were in the Situation Room of the White House.

The couple has witnessed how the ICO terrorists murdered the hostage named James Miller. The power couple then shifted their direction into the camera and gave that look that viewers have not seen until that moment.


House of Cards” season 5 is anticipated to be the start of Frank Underwood’s career end according to some theories.

It can be recalled that in the fourth season, the lead protagonist was seen heartlessly destroying his competition. With the election fast approaching, it is expected that there will be a huge fear spreading tactics from the President. It is also anticipated that Frank will be throwing a maximum counterterrorist assault as a part of his strategies. Aside from that, several theories also predicted that the upcoming season would be the show’s last. The argument revolves around the number of cards in a deck. Other wild theories suggested that in the next season, fans would see the crashing of the said house.