The love-hate relationship between Donald Trump and the media continues to fester like a bad sore as Trump reverts back to branding the news media outlets. In his latest rant, he accuses the NBC station of spreading fake news to the American people.

NBC's Chuck Todd locked in Donald Trump's crosshair

On Saturday, Trump unleashed another round of social media war on Twitter, this time he went after NBC’s Chuck Todd. The President blasted the newsman by asking when he will stop talking about the investigation that is currently underway showing that Russia indeed meddled in the U.S. election helping the inexperienced politician win the White House.

Trump stated that sleepy eyes Todd should be talking about the surveillance cameras that ex-President Barack Obama had illegally placed in the Trump Tower. Seemingly, Donald Trump is still adamant that Obama had his office wiretapped while he was campaigning to win the Republican nomination.

U.S. President blasts media for reporting Russian hack investigation

Just a few weeks ago, James Comey Jr., the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) debunked Trump’s claim that the Democrat had the secret service plant wiretapping devices in his New York office. Donald Trump also slammed the media saying that they were the same fake media outlets that declared there was no pathway for him to the White House.

In addition, he blasted them for implying that he had no qualification to take over the Oval Office after Barack Obama’s second term as the U.S. President ends.

The U.S. President continues his expected early morning rant blasting several media outlet for pushing fake Trump/Russia news. But while the President continues to attack the media, there was more evidence unearthed that proves Russia had indeed interfered in the election and swayed the presidency in his favor.

Last week, Michael Flynn, who was fired by the Trump’s administration, had asked for immunity in exchange for his testimony, however, his immunity request was denied. And also adding to the already thickening plot is the controversial David Nunes stating that the Russian hack classified information was incidentally given to him by three officials from the Republican led White House.