Scheana Shay has always been dubbed "skinny" by others around her. It makes her uncomfortable, especially coming from someone who knows her really well. At the "Vanderpump Rules" reunion Monday night, Shay addressed Stassi Schroeder's comments about her weight.

Scheana's past

Over a decade ago, being skinny was cool. Scheana Shay was in college and working toward being an actress in Hollywood. She wanted to move there and she thought that skinny meant beautiful. Unfortunately, that started a battle she fought hard to win. According to Us Weekly, Scheana Shay battled anorexia.

This was hard on her and took several years to gain control over. She is still sensitive about the comments made, despite working hard to be where she is now.

The first step she took was to stop eating. Scheana Shay mentioned she was just over 100 pounds on her college graduation day. There was a sigh of relief for her that she was so close to being in a double digit weight instead of triple digits. When she finally got a hold on eating again and doing it more consistently, Shay would use laxatives to remain skinny. Now, she can eat what she wants because she works out. That didn't happen before, which is why Scheana became anorexic.

The divorce

There was some concern that the divorce between Scheana and Mike Shay would cause some issues for her.

She has been doing rather well under the circumstances. Shay was very forthcoming with what happened in her marriage and even talked on camera about it at the end. There is going to be a segment on the "Vanderpump Rules" reunion that will show Mike and Scheana having an uncomfortable conversation. Hints were dropped about it, but no details were given.

After her divorce, Scheana Shay has moved on to another relationship. She introduced the world to Robert Valletta after getting some serious criticism for keeping him away from the world. Shay has gone back to being called Scheana Marie now that things with Mike have ended.

The second part of the "Vanderpump Rules" reunion will be airing this upcoming Monday night.

The first part was filled with plenty of drama, and things are getting even more personal during the next segment. Scheana Shay has stood up to Stassi Schroeder about her mean girl tactics and the skinny comments she has made. It wasn't an easy confrontation, but it was a necessary one. Ariana Madix had Scheana's back the entire season and also was there for her during the confrontation at the reunion.