Just about a week ago, a raging fire shuts down the Atlanta leg of Interstate 85 and sends commuters scrambling for alternative routes to get to their destinations. The accident happened during the evening rush hours when most people were on their way home from work.

Three drug addicts arrested for I-85 bridge fire

Investigators and officials from the Department of Motor Vehicles reported the arrest of three homeless individuals. Those taken into custody are Barry Thomas and Sophia Bruner, both charged with criminal trespassing. The third person is Basil Eleby, he will answer to the charge of criminal damage to a property.

Reportedly the trio was seen underneath the highway before the fire. And according to sources, they had lit the fire to smoke crack cocaine, when it got out of control and burned under the bottom of the bridge, causing it to collapse and left a gaping hole in the freeway.

Interstate 85 connects the U.S. north to the south

The estimate of the damages are unknown; however, it should cost the city a few million dollars to repair the thoroughfare that links the northern states to the southern part of the U.S.A. Interstate 85 according to State Transportation Commissioner Russell McMurry is the artery that connects the city together and traversed daily by over 250,000 vehicles. The commissioner had earlier described the situation as plugging a cork in a bottle when referring to the unforeseen impact that it will have on commuters.

And while the interstate remains closed to all traffic, timeline for its reopen is unknown. In the live images broadcast on national televisions, large clouds of black smoke could be seen spiraling towards the sky. However, emergency crews quickly arrived on the scene and directed the evening commuters thus avoiding any injury or casualty.

The fire damaged approximately 700 feet (213 meters) of Interstate 85, this includes three parts of the northbound section of the bridge. In addition to the southbound section where three parts must be replaced as well as the support columns on either side.

Meanwhile, Atlanta's officials reported that it will take several months to repair the damages, however, they'd promised to work quickly to get I-85 back to functioning again.