Donald Trump will pay out a meager $25 million out of his vaults stocked with billions of dollars. The money will be used for a settlement handed down by a federal judge on Friday. Final approval came after years of negotiation between the legal team representing the students that filed the Class Action Lawsuit and Trump’s University lawyers.

A report in the New York Times claimed that 3,730 students had filed the class action lawsuit against the for-profit institution owned by billionaire Donald J. Trump. The lawsuit cited that the education facility had used high-pressure tactics to rob the group out of millions of dollars after they enrolled for classes at the university.

Students forced to pay $35,000.00 for Trump's real estate courses

However, after gaining national outcry, Trump while he was on the campaign trail for the Republican party came under fire from several political opponents even those in his own party. At that time the students made it publicly known that they were pressured by sales people at the facility into paying for expensive products for as much as $35,000.00 per student.

Donald Trump shortly after winning the election held on November 8th, 2016, revealed that he would settle the $25 million dollar lawsuit, which he declared was a political witch hunt against his presidential run. Trump, who would have no choice but to testify during his transition period eventually reneged on his promise, declaring that the judge would rule in his favor giving him the green light to quickly reopen Trump University.

Trump has problem with Hispanic Judge

But ironically the presiding judge, Gonzalo P. Curiel, who is of Hispanic descent, was also a problem for Trump, who claimed Gonzalo would be impartial in his ruling because of his Mexican heritage. The billionaire magnate was called a fraudster by the students, who claimed he and his sales staff used unfair tactics to enrich himself and Trump University.

However, finally, after four long years of wrangling between the lawyers of the plaintiff and the defendant, the judge handed down his judgment after dismissing a challenge by former student Sherri Simpson. The lawyer representing Ms. Simpson had argued that they wanted to opt out of the class-action settlement so that they could file an individual lawsuit against Donald Trump as well as get a public apology from the U.S. President.