Recently, the CBS peeps delivered a couple of new storyline spoiler scoops for their upcoming "Blue Bloods" episode 20 of the current season 7. We got about three teasers to share with you guys from their press release. We're going to be seeing Erin bending over backwards to help out a previous witness at some point. While investigating a supposed suicide case, we'll be seeing Danny and Baez stumble upon some new info that suggests otherwise, and more.

It's "No Retreat,No Surrender"

There is, of course, a title for this 20th installment. It turns out that they've named it: "No Retreat, No Surrender." I remember that movie with the same title.

Anyways, to start off their official description, they went out of their way to put in, all-caps, that we're going to see a former witness, come to Erin for help in getting a drug operation shut down that's apparently been going down in his apartment building. Erin will respond very positively by absolutely, making it her mission to help him and his family out. Look for that one to be one of the main storylines.

Elaborating on that storyline, they tell us that the witness is from a former case that Erin worked on, which explains why she's so very adamant in helping him out. They explain that Erin will definitely make it her mission to get that building safe for his family. Will she really be able to get the job done?

Or will some major complications arise during the process? Those are a couple of questions for that scenario. One thing's for sure, it'll certainly be interesting to see how that situation plays out.

It was actually murder

Next, we're given the Baez and Danny storyline, which lets us know that these two are going to get presented with a case that's been ruled a freaking suicide of a teen.

However, they are going to end up, looking deeper into this thing, and eventually find some extra details that will suggests that this person was actually murdered! Will their new facts be correct and warrant this case being bumped up to a homicide? Or will something be off? Unfortunately, they didn't deliver any deeper details for that situation, so we'll have to wait until this episode actually airs to find all that out.

It should be quite intriguing, though.

Frank investigates misconduct

Lastly, we've got a storyline teaser that reveals, we'll be seeing Frank in action, again, telling us that he is going to investigate some potential misconduct that's going down in the Mayor's office at the moment. Is he going to uncover something? Or will everything be all clear? Those are the burning questions for that storyline. This episode was written by Brian Burns, and Jane Raab directed it. We can also confirm that episode 20 is due to hit the airwaves next Friday night, April 14th,2017 at 9pm central time on CBS. Stay tuned.