There are many people looking forward to the next new episode of “ReignSeason 4. It’s the final season and things are certainly heating up in Mary’s Scottish court. Will that new episode air tonight or will fans need to wait, like they have done with many other CW shows this week?

No new episode on Friday, April 21

Unfortunately, “Reign” fans will need to wait an extra week. There is definitely no new episode of the show this week. Like the majority of other CW shows, the network has chosen to hold out a week before airing the next new episode.

This was made clear last week when the trailer for season 4, episode 10 was released. Fans will get to see the next new episode on April 28, 2017.

This may be due to the ratings sweep that will take place between April 27 and May 27. However, that doesn’t make sense for “Reign,” since the show is definitely coming to an end this season. Mary’s story will completely wrap up before the series finale. It is more likely that the CW just wanted to keep things in order, taking a week off from the majority of shows.

“Reign” fans will instead get to see a rerun of “Love and Death” from a few weeks ago. In this episode, Mary finds out that her marriage to Darnley could have serious consequences politically, while Claude is given an interesting proposition after learning that the love of her life is still alive.

‘Reign’ season 4 finale date finally set

This is not likely the only week break that fans will see of “Reign” season 4. The series finale date has been set and there are more weeks than expected episodes left to air! The CW hasn’t stated when the next week break will be or why it has decided to set the weeks like this. There are seven episodes left of the season, including the episode that will air next week.

The series finale will air on June 16, 2017. This is great news for Netflix fans, as “Reign” season 4 will definitely be made available on the streaming service eight days later. This is known thanks to the exclusive streaming agreement created between Netflix and CW last summer. “The Vampire Diaries” and “Legends of Tomorrow” have proven that this agreement is working out, as both shows were made available in full after their series and season finales respectively.

As for the next episode, fans will get to see Mary in action, as she fights for the English throne. She will, of course, get others to do the physical fighting but she is willing to work as the mastermind behind the scenes. Right now, she is fighting to protect Scotland and open the English throne for her unborn baby.