Jessica Lange appeared in seasons one through four on "American Horror Story," and her fans have asked showrunner for years to bring her back. Ryan Murphy stated that he wasn't sure he could lure her back, but recently, he revealed that her return is "possible."

Ryan Muphy says Lange could return

Murphy told the TV Guide on Tuesday that his writing team on "American Horror Story" are still working on the storyline for the crossover season ---and bringing Jessica Lange is needed to pull it off.

Since Lange left "AHS" after season four, the fans have begged Murphy to find a way to bring Jessica back to the show.

Until recently, he has said that he wanted her to return, but she was unwilling to come back.

Ryan revealed that he hasn't talked to Jessica about "AHS" yet because he wants to write the script and have material to give her to consider. It sounds like he feels pretty confident that she would return, and that juicy tidbit makes the "American Horror Story" fans super excited.

Season 7 theme will be based on the 2016 election?

Apparently, Murphy plans to roll out an election -based theme for season 7, but many "AHS" fans think that he may have been joking when he disclosed that spoiler.

It seems unlikely that he would base a whole season around the 2016 election, but if anyone can make that work, Mr. Ryan Murphy can.

The showrunner also said that he wouldn't keep the theme or storyline a secret from the fans this time. He will reveal the details before the show airs. Ryan didn't say how far in advance he will let the fans know, just that it will happen "before the season premiere."

No more Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga was a huge part of season 5 and had a small role on the sixth season.

Murphy revealed that he doesn't think that the pop icon will return because she is busy with other projects. The FX show creator stated that Lady Gaga enjoyed her appearing on the series, but her music career and other obligations make it difficult for her to dedicate eight to ten weeks to film. Ryan added that he hoped in the future to work with the entertainer again when her schedule frees up a little.

Now, with no hope of Lady Gaga, the "AHS" viewers have said they really need to get Lange back on the show.

"American Horror Story" fans, are you upset Lady Gaga won't return to the FX series? Do you think Jessica Lange will agree to do a Murder House/ Coven crossover? Will she play Constance or Fiona?

"American Horror Story" return to FX in September for season 7.