Reignseason 4, episode 9 focused on the highly anticipated wedding. While Mary’s dress was absolutely beautiful, it was a dismal affair and was more like a funeral. However, Mary is moving forward rather than worrying too much about being in a marriage that she doesn’t want. She strategizes for the future and the English throne.

James fears Mary’s life in danger in ‘Reign’

While Mary focuses on recruiting the right people for her future English crown, James is focusing on matters at home. There is a plot against her and her life is in danger. It’s not longer just about Mary now.

She’s pregnant with Darnley’s child and needs to protect them both.

The only reason Mary married Darnley is because she’s pregnant. She couldn’t risk word getting out that the child was conceived before they married, so even had to keep it from Darnley himself. She knew that he would use it against her to gain the Scottish throne as a joint monarch. The only person who currently knows about her pregnancy is Catherine, who advised Mary to remain silent for now.

However, she will have to deal with a plot thrown by protestant John Knox. It’s hard to tell whose side Knox is on, but it looks like Emily isn’t going to help James figure that out. She saw James and Greer together and was green with envy.

France is on the brink of civil war

“Reign” Season 4 is loosely sticking to the civil war threats for France in history. Charles’ reign was overshadowed by religious wars, as the protestants tried to take control. However, the storyline has taken over in fantasy, as Charles has declared that he is now a protestant—and goes mad when he forces himself to be Catholic for his country.

Now France is on the brink of civil war. Leeza isn’t about to let that happen and will likely make a reappearance this week, going head-to-head with her mother. On top of that, young Henri will be in the show soon, as he becomes Leeza’s preference for a French king.

Elizabeth searches for someone to marry

Finally, Elizabeth is feeling the threat of Mary.

Now that she is married to Darnley, Mary has an extremely strong chance of taking the English throne. It doesn’t help for Elizabeth that Mary is Catholic and a definite legitimate heir. There are too many questions surrounding Elizabeth’s birth due to the actions of her father—and Elizabeth has already made it clear that she blames Henry VIII for the questions over her legitimacy.

Elizabeth will search for a suitable suitor. This will make it possible for her to have an heir to the throne and continue the Tudor dynasty. Of course, history lovers will know how that ends, as Mary’s son (who is currently prophesized to join the countries) will become King of England and Scotland. “Reign” season 4 returns on April 28, 2017 at 9pm on the CW.