Are you a fan of “The Originals?” Do you want to know when the next new episode of season 4 is going to air? There are many wondering if it will be on April 21, 2017. The CW has postponed numerous other shows, including “Supernatural” and “Arrow.” Here’s a look at the plan for the network and the potential reasons for the scheduling decisions.

‘The Originals’ season 4 will not be new tonight

While “The Originals” will air tonight, it will not be a new episode. April 21 will see a rerun of the premiere “Gather Up the Killers.” Fans had excitedly tuned into this episode, watching as Marcel welcomed unsired vampires into New Orleans, only to find that they weren’t happy with him being King of the City.

The CW has postponed nearly all its shows this week. It is likely due to the ratings sweep that happens in May. Nielsen collects the data, so the networks can decide on any last-minute cancellations/renewals and set the schedule for next season.

The ratings sweep will be important for “The Originals.” The CW is still to decide whether to renew the vampire show. Right now, the future is uncertain but it looks to be in a strong position for another renewal. Fans are encouraged to watch live throughout May to make sure the viewing figures look good.

What to expect on April 28

CW will air the next new episode of “The Originals” on April 28. This will be the sixth episode of the season and will feature Klaus in search for the servant of The Hollow.

This is the latest threat to his life, and he will use all the power he can to help find out who the person is. The trailer suggests that he does find the servant, who is a woman and encourages Klaus to try to kill her.

Meanwhile, Hayley wants to know more about her own family. She needs Freya to help unlock some of her memories about the night that they died.

It will be refreshing to focus on Hayley’s family again, as the focus has always been on the Mikaelsons. Will unlocking Hayley’s memories help her to protect her daughter, Hope?

As mentioned, the renewal for “The Originals” season 5 is looking likely. This is expected to be announced in May 2017. A decision on the season finale for the show has already been made.

Fans will catch the 13th episode of season 4 on June 23, 2017. Eight days later, the whole of “The Originals” season 4 will be available on Netflix, as per the agreement made between the streaming service and the CW channel in the summer. This does mean that fans can expect another week break to occur sometime between next week and June 23, as there is an extra week compared to planned episodes.