"The Blacklist: Redemption" season 1 episode 2, named "Kevin Jensen," will subject Tom (R. Eggold) and the rest of Scottie's (F. Janssen) team to another dangerous mission. The first episode titled followed how Tom formally committed himself to Scottie's team of mercenaries with the aim to know more about the woman whom he was known is his biological mother.

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In “The Blacklist: Redemption” installment 1, Howard attracted Tom to New York by having his lawyer call him for a meeting regarding his private will.

But when Tom came there, there was no meeting about a will because his father did not die in an accident after all. In meeting at the Washington Park, Howard admitted to Tom who he has been looking for him for the earlier 30 years and that Scottie had destroyed the plane he took so she could get over his company. He also proposed him to infiltrate Halcyon and to get closer to Scottie so they can comprehend what she’s planning. Scottie will move heaven and earth to rescue an old friend in the upcoming episode of "The Blacklist: Redemption.

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In the next episode, the trailer reveals that Scottie will assign Team Halcyon on an away mission. A companion of hers is at grave risk, and she needs the team to bring him back to the USA.

Scottie perceives that the job is very dangerous as she clearly warns the others that they will be endangering their lives if they choose to do. The second episode of the new series will also show that Scottie is committed to finding her son.

In the recent promo for the next episode, Tom is seen having a peaceful discussion with Scottie where she admits to wanting to find her lost son.

Series author J. Bokenkamp lately told about Famke's character in this series. As stated the creator of the series, the actress gives authority to Scottie's corrupted persona, and he also said that Scottie's obliviousness to Tom's real identity would not last long.

The second episode of "The Blacklist: Redemption" season 1 will air on NBC Thursday, March 2, at 10.00 pm EST.