The Episode 7 of "Doctor Who" season 10, named "The Pyramid at the End of the World," is set to show Doctor, Nardole, and Bill as they prepare for an unexpected alien invasion. In the meantime, actress Pearl Mackie revealed her doubt about her character’s fate following Peter Capaldi’s coming exit from the series. The synopsis published online by Cartermatt states: “An ‘ancient’ pyramid appears late. Every clock in the world starts counting down to the Earth’s end. Three rival armies lie ready to destroy each other. An alien group is ready to offer humanity a compromise that could save them, but also capture them.

It’s a terrible race against time to protect the world. Will the Doctor be obliged to receive their advice?”

Highlights and plot of the last episode

In the last episode, the Doctor was drafted to the Vatican in order to examine a dangerous book identified only as the Veritas. It’s effective for a large number of deaths and had been leaked on the internet. While the Doctor got his attempts to read the book hindered by some creepy-looking monks, Nardole and Bill accidentally uncovered the truth for themselves: that the world they were in was a copied, ‘shadow’ universe created for the purposes of faking an alien attack. With his traveling friends gone, the Monks locked in on the simulated Doctor, but his last act was to email a registration of the events to the very Doctor, to inform him of the imminent threat.

In Episode 7 of "Doctor Who", the Doctor, Nardole, and Bill will find themselves in the middle of yet another fight as they tour a pyramid. This new chapter features an old pyramid in the middle of it, which is at the center of a war zone between the Russian, American and Chinese troops. According to the official plot, the most interesting thing about the pyramid isn't its age or its relationship with the war, but the evidence that there wasn't a pyramid recently.

Episode 7 spoilers and preview

The supposed centerpiece of the installment is the pyramid of its name. The point that it is a pyramid is not of huge significance. The major factor is that it’s very high, and it was not there earlier. It necessarily comes to the study of the Doctor, Bill, and Nardole, and the chapter needs and uses all three of them to go through the story questions it presents. Episode 7 of "Doctor Who" season 10’s episode 7 will air on Saturday, May 27 at 8.00 pm EST on BBC. Stay tuned for more spoilers and news about shows and TV series.