After the confession to her sons about working with the British Men of Letters, Mary (S. Smith) is ready to get taken in her strongest case yet in episode 14 of "Supernatural." The next episode, titled "The Raid" will support Mary as she associates herself with the British Men of Letters in order to destroy a coven of vampires. However, Dean and Sam will be doubters of the secret group's ulterior goals.

Key points of episode 13 and spoilers on episode 14

In the last episode of "Supernatural," Mary definitely unveiled her association to the British Men to her sons Dean (J.

Ackles) and Sam (J. Padalecki). Mary did that to persuade his sons to join the team. But Sam and Dean are very suspicious of this secret organization. The Winchester brothers, however, may be giving an enormous surprise to fans in episode 14 because preview for the next installment hint on their potential signing up to be affiliates of the British Men of Letters. The members of the organization always express business, and when they do a mission, they finish all that needs to be done to the maximum of their skills, but principally with help from their special little gadgets. But in this episode, there will be unexpected things when they decide to destroy a full nest of vampires in an installment aptly named "The Raid."

'Supernatural': latest news and preview of episode 14

The preview for the next episode states: “A possibility to take out a den of vampires fails when the alpha-vamp presents and applies the tables on Mary and the organization, who are doing to convince Dean and Sam''.

Mary is awaited to face a big task in the future episode, and her life is in danger. But her sons are not properly excited of her choice notwithstanding her good purpose. The episode 14 of "Supernatural" Season 12 will air Thursday, March 2 at 8.00 PM EST on The CW. Stay tuned for others spoilers, updates, and preview on "Supernatural" Season 12 with the following episode 15, titled "Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell" that will air next March 9.