"The Walking Dead" Season 8 follows Rick Grimes’ loss as mentioned by Robert Kirkman’s new comic book case. Denise Huth, executive producer of the series, also announced that the next season will be satisfying and action-packed. According to spoilers published online, the new cover for Robert Kirkman’s comic book series which attended as a basis for AMC’s TV series has fired more speculations on Rick Grimes’ (A. Lincoln) immediate death. Although it looks like the TV Series could not hold up without the Alexandrian lead, the hero is not spared from being shot off the Tv series.

Spoilers and News Season 8

It is a well-known truth that "The Walking Dead" has already shot off most of the characters presented in its first season. It all began way back in 2010 in the zombie-infected city of Atlanta, where Rick Grimes (A. Lincoln) was sleeping on the hospital bed for times. Rick then woke up and joined with his family, as well as a few other descendants. Lori, the lovely wife of Rick, died giving birth, while Dale (J. DeMunn) departed due to a blow bite attack from a zombie. Even Andrea (L. Holden) and her sister Amy (E. Bell) were immediately guided away from the cast, as well as Carol's (M. McBride) daughter and husband. With these losses have taken place, it makes complete sense for spectators to expect that the original characters are soon to face their imminent deaths.

Trailer and preview next season

For AMC, reinventing the show suggests the series accepting more of what the fans demand and need. As Scott Gimple, TWD showrunner had said ahead, it will be fast-paced for the next installment and there will be tons of fighting scenes but the emphasis of substance will persist. Also, Gimple seems pretty sure that TWD will not run out of storyline to investigate for reinvention and in the meantime, TWD spectators still traumatized by the brutal killing of Glenn Rhee (S.

Yeun) can not help but question if they'll be shocked again by another tragic death or deaths this coming new season. The FB fan page, "The Spoiling Dead Fans" freshly posted photos from the set of the upcoming season and it seems that Carl Grimes (C. Riggs) has grown up to be the spitting double of his dad Rick (A. Lincoln). The post stated: "A picture was seen where Carl got out of the "bird van" and then begins walking around with a gas canister." Season 8 of "The Walking Dead" will start appearing on AMC October 2017.