The new episode of 'Arrow' is awaited to see Oliver (S. Amell) dealing with the challenges he's obliged to overcome in order to keep his mayoral status. Episode 15 is titled "Fighting Fire with Fire” and it will feature a confrontation between the Vigilante and Oliver. Meantime, Prometheus is bound to make things more confused.

Here's what happened in episode 14

In the last episode, it was understood that Oliver instructed Adrian Chase (J. Segarra) to cover the responsibility of the Green Arrow in the murder of Detective Malone (T. Ritter). Pike received confirmation that the Green Arrow is responsible for the end of Billy Malone.

This discovery has resulted in a request to have him impeached as the mayor of the city. It will be intriguing to see if Oliver's administration will be abandoned forever. Oliver accused Prometheus of sending the proofs to Pike. The news about the cover-up was leaked to the media corrupting Oliver's reputation.

'Arrow': latest news and preview of the next episode

The next episode is set to emphasize one of the biggest battles between Vigilante and Team Arrow since when the villain decided to take on crime in his personal way, without considering the consequences. Adrian Chase (Vigilante) was the district lawyer of Star City. He and Oliver Queen shared the same past. They faced the first time when Green Arrow successfully tried to take his girlfriend.

There will be, therefore, a head to head between the two in the next episode. Vigilante at the moment is one of the Team Arrow’s most violent adversaries on the show but it remains obscure if he will be a real antagonist. The promo for the episode 15 of 'Arrow' season 5 shows Vigilante and Prometheus fighting it out, probably for the privilege of killing Green Arrow.

Vigilante seems to only want to kill Oliver to conclude his "corruption'' while Prometheus just simply wants to murder his rival. In both cases, things will never be the same after the next episode of 'Arrow'. Fans can watch the episode 15 next Wednesday, March 1, at 9.00 pm EST on the CW.