olivia jerome is at it again on ABC's "General Hospital." She is about to kidnap Robin Scorpio Drake once again, but this time she is pregnant with her second child. The first time she was taken by Liv was when she was just a little girl. Robin is all grown up now, but that doesn't stop the Jerome sis from doing it again. What will she do with her captor?

Crazy Liv just keeps on causing havoc

Now that everyone in Port Charles is finding out that Olivia Jerome didn't die years ago like was thought, the hunt is on to find her before she does any more damage.

She has already caused the death of Morgan Corinthos and almost killed Sam Morgan and her baby as well. Now she has a pregnant Robin in her clutches and it doesn't look good at all.

Liv wants revenge and she will do whatever it takes to get it. She is pretty much mad at everyone on "General Hospital" right now, especially Anna Devane. Her daughter and unborn grandchild is now with her worst enemy. Anna has just heard the news that Olivia is still alive and in Port Charles. According to spoilers, these two women will be coming face-to-face with each other this week and Liv has decided that she wants to kill Anna.

What about Robin?

It could be that Liv will use Robin to lure Anna to her. More "General Hospital" spoilers mention that she will get exactly what she has been seeking.

Viewers all know from watching the ABC soap that she wanted to get control of GH really badly, but the reason as to why she wants it has yet to be revealed, but that is all about to change. She is letting the cat out of the bag as she tells Robin what she is planning to do.

Liv has a bag full of goodies when she snatches Robin and she will end up showing it to her and spilling details on what her real plan is.

Speculations suggests that Liv wants to blow up the hospital. She told Julian that there was something underneath and fans are trying to figure out what that means exactly. Once she has Anna, she may try to do away with her.

Poor Anna is battling a rare form of blood cancer right now and is getting treatments for it.

Will Liv go to "General Hospital" where Anna is quite vulnerable to try to kill her? Of course, it is pretty certain that the former PC police commissioner will be just fine and hopefully Robin will be as well. Anna may just try to make sure that this undead women stays dead this time.

What is it that really lies beneath?

That is the question that is expected to be answered soon. Olivia Jerome is after something that has to do with the hospital and she is willing to risk it all to get it. Unfortunately for her, Dr. Finn ended up grabbing GH from her. Now she is looking desperate to finish what she started. Will Liv try to blow up "General Hospital"?