There is much more to come on ABC's "General Hospital" as Steve Burton's face has made its mark in Port Charles. Some of his closest friends and family saw the old Jason Morgan's face at the media party that Sam and the current Jason Morgan held at the MetroCourt. There was a lot of chaos when Klein's two men pulled out their guns, but Sam and Jason saved the day. Now, Sam is in trouble after being drugged and kidnapped, but Patient 6 is on a rescue mission to save her.

Patient 6 to the rescue

Steve Burton is currently playing the role of Patient 6 right now because it has yet to be revealed as to whether he is the real Jason Morgan or not.

Sam's life is in real danger after Dr. Klein's thug dragged her out of the party. She has been drugged and it looks like she is so out of it that she has no idea what is happening. On Friday's episode of "General Hospital," Patient 6 had a gun on Dr. Klein ready to shoot him but he was using Sam as a shield.

Klein knows that Sam is important to Patient 6 and knew what he had to do to save his own life. He pushed Sam into the water so he could make his getaway without being killed. He knew that Patient 6 would rescue Sam before he would go after him. That is exactly what Patient 6 does. "General Hospital" previews for Monday show him diving into the harbor to rescue his wife.

Will Sam get a glimpse of his face?

Sam Morgan has not seen her husband's old face since he was shot and thrown into that same harbor five years ago. She now knows Jason with Billy Miller's face.

What will she do if she wakes up to Steve Burton staring at her?

That actually may not happen just yet. The "General Hospital" spoilers for this upcoming week tease that maybe Sam will not wake up to see him. She will definitely be rescued, however, Patient 6 may just choose to leave her side or someone else could possibly interrupt their reunion before she actually wakes up.

Jason was last seen at the hospital learning that his wife was taken hostage. He left to go find her, so he could spot Sam lying unconscious after Patient 6 pulls her out of the water. She may not remember anything about the incident at all.

More to come

Sonny now knows that Jason Morgan, at least the one he knows so well, is alive. Carly is anxious to know more about the face that she knew and loved for years that she saw at the party. Many are going to wonder what the heck is going on and who that man is with the old Jason Morgan's face. "General Hospital" previews show that Carly will not believe that he is really Jason. However, a face-to-face meeting will be all it takes to get her to believe in him, just as Sonny did.

Be sure to watch more action this coming week. Port Charles is about to get more surprises along the way. Do you think Sam will get to see her old Jason?