It has been an amazing ride for "American Idol" contestant Catie Turner. However, she will not be continuing her journey on that familiar stage as she was knocked out of the competition on Sunday night, along with fellow contestant Jurnee. It was Prince night, not to mention that Nick Jonas was a mentor, so the pressure was on. It may have gotten to be too much for Catie, as EW reported. She forgot the first two lines of "Manic Monday."

What happened?

The teen came out in a bright pink pantsuit looking like she was raring to go, but she admitted this morning that she wasn't quite there.

Turner said that she believed that she was going home last night and that totally affected her performance on stage. She knew that she messed up, but she always seems to turn a tough situation into a bright spot.

Catie is very active on social media and there you will find that she is fun, crazy, and always smiling, despite the haters that give her some grief. She took to her Twitter account after her "American Idol" loss to thank her fans for voting for her and for their support. She said that she feels very lucky to have graced the stage on the ABC show.

In addition, Catie Turner went on to support the remaining contestants and her good friends. She told her audience all of the reasons that they should be voting for each of them. She went on to make sure that they do not spread hate to them as well. She knows that all too well as she has had to deal with haters since her first audition for "American Idol."

Freaky, but amazing Catie

Catie Turner is not afraid to "let her freak flag fly," as she calls it.

It seems to have made her an interesting and endearing part of the first season of the AI reboot. The 17-year-old high school senior says that this is not the end of her yet. It sounds like she is looking forward to seeing what the future holds.

Her future, at least for the next few months, will include going on tour as part of the "American Idol" tour this summer.

Despite being voted off, the top seven will be heading out to perform together. She also hinted that she may just be making some music with Katy Perry. So, look for those two to possibly collaborate on something soon.

Voting continues next week

Voting will continue as the remaining five contestants battle it out next week. Gabby Barrett seems to be a front-runner, but Maddie Pope, Cade Foehner, Caleb Lee Hutchinson, and Michael J. Woodard are all America's favorite to win as well. You never know what will happen. As Catie Turner said, just because you don't win "American Idol", it doesn't mean that your musical career is dead and gone.

Catch "American Idol" next Sunday night at 8 PM ET on ABC.