While everyone else was fighting over the Veronica-Archie and Betty-Archie love team in "Riverdale," many failed to notice that Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones were actually making their own sweet and ship-worthy connection. Although the hamburger-obsessed character was clearly asexual in the popular comics, the real-life version seemed to be having more feelings than he was supposed to.

Based on the mega-successful "Archie" comics, Jughead Jones (Cole Sprouse) was expected to only feel love for one thing -- Pop's hamburger! However, The CW adaptation series was giving the viewers a different side of Archie Andrews' (KJ Apa) best friend, making them realize that he may be the better choice to sweep Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart) off her feet.

'Riverdale' Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones are giving everyone a lot of reasons to ship them

In the "Archie" comics, it seems like Archie Andrews and Veronica Lodge have the most connection romantically, but the red-headed teen also had his moments with Betty. His relationship with the two girls have their positive and negative sides, making the readers even more confused on who to choose for Archie to be his official leading lady.

As if the confusion in the comic books was not enough, the "Riverdale" series is adding another unlikely character to the already complicated love triangle -- everyone's favorite, Jughead Jones. After four episodes of trying to figure out what's running through Jughead's brain, the show gave fans a squeal-worthy moment when the supposed-to-be asexual teen planted a sweet kiss on Betty's lips.

Betty and Jughead sealed relationship with a kiss?

"Riverdale" fans are still picking up their jaws after seeing Jughead kiss Betty after the latter shared her darkest time with him. Jughead is definitely not the kind that goes on kissing every girl, but with the blonde teen talking about a car after he just debunked all the speculations about his sexuality, he may not show any feelings again anytime soon.

What makes the Betty-Jughead tandem even more ship-worthy is that Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse have amazing chemistry on-screen. Their connection is so real for most of the fans that they have decided to give the characters a couple name, Bughead.