"The Bachelor" Nick Viall sent Corrine Olympios home after her hometown dates but he still seems to have an interest in who she dates. Although Nick didn't see a future with the Corinne he has some strong opinions about her connection with Chad Johnson, the outspoken "villain" from JoJo's season of "The Bachelorette."

Chad recently met up with Corinne and tells In Touch that's she's "hot" and while he didn't confirm that they are dating, he did admit that they have been texting. And just days after he posted a photo of himself with Corinne on Instagram, Nick spoke out against the possibility that they could become a couple.

Is Nick jealous?

Nick and Corinne clearly had sexual chemistry while filming "The Bachelor." Who can forget the whipped cream or bounce house scenes? And fans didn't hear Nick complaining when Corinne took her swimsuit top off during a group date that took place early in the season. Despite the fact that she made it to hometowns, Nick revealed that he had stronger feelings for Raven, Vanessa, and Rachel and sent Corinne back to Florida.

If Nick didn't think Corinne was final rose worthy then why is he so concerned about who she dates three months after filming wrapped? During an interview with Access Hollywood, Nick was asked what he thought of a possible relationship between Corinne and Chada.

"I think the world of Corinne," Nick revealed. "I don't think the same of Chad." Ouch!

What does Chad think?

Anyone who follows Chad on Snapchat knows that Chad doesn't have a great deal of love for Nick Viall. However, he does think Corinne is a great catch and fans can expect him to pursue her on "Bachelor in Paradise" this summer.

"Corinne is hot," Chad tells In Touch. "If we were dating, you could tell me she’s the worst person on planet Earth and I wouldn’t care. I’m Team Corinne."

Chad has already confirmed that he will appear for the second time on the summer reality show and although Corinne says that she hasn't been offered the gig yet, it will be a total shocker if she doesn't show up in "Paradise" this summer.

And Nick? He's headed to "Dancing with the Stars" later this month and has his own relationship to be concerned with. Spoilers point to Nick getting engaged on "The Bachelor" season finale but time will tell if he makes it to the altar.