Anna Devane's health is in jeopardy on ABC's "General Hospital." She is scared as Dr. Finn and Dr. Munro are both scrambling to figure out how to help save her. But first they need a diagnosis and on Monday's show, they will get the results of her test and it is not looking good at all. Spoilers say that Anna also gets a visit from her daughter, Robin Scorpio, and that has her really worried that something is terribly wrong with her.

Robin comes back to town

Last week we saw Valentin Cassadine rush Anna to "General Hospital" after she collapsed in his home.

She had broken in to find some evidence to use against him. He came back to grab the ring for Nina that he forgot and he caught the WSB agent wandering about. She passed out and he carried her to get help. Now she is alone and worried that something bad is happening to her.

On Monday, Robin is expected to show up. Griffin Munro called her to let her know what is going on with her mother. There is a sneak peek clip that "General Hospital" posted on Twitter that shows the two women having an emotional moment. Actresses Finola Hughes and Kimberly McCullough have been working together on the soap since McCullough was a little girl and their mother-daughter chemistry is always magical. The clip shows Anna telling Robin that something must be seriously wrong because she was called back to town and she could also tell by how the doctors are acting.

What is really wrong with Anna?

The word cancer was mentioned on Friday's episode of "General Hospital," so it looks like maybe the writers have decided to tackle this important issue.

Of course, there could always be something else going on with her, despite the fact that she may need a bone marrow transplant. Some previous spoilers have said that Anna is actually being poisoned by Olivia Jerome, but that may not be at all.

Now that it looks like she may have cancer, they will be searching for a bone marrow donor to save her life.

This will bring about some kind of revelation when it comes to Anna Devane's personal life. There are speculations that Griffin Munro will be a perfect match and it will be revealed that he is Anna's son that she thought she lost many years ago. Does Robin really have a half-brother? Griffin has become a beloved member of the family as he is Duke's son, so this reveal would be a good thing.

There are other rumors swirling that Valentin Cassadine will come into play as well. He could also be a match. This would give him an even deeper connection with Anna than he already has. What do you think, "General Hospital" fans? Are you hoping that Griffin is really Anna's son?