Tonja Walker is shaking things up as the not-so-dead Olivia Jerome on “General Hospital” and spoilers now reveal a bit about what is on the way with this character. As viewers saw during Monday's show, she is pushing Julian to take over GH, but she won't explain why. She is determined to exact revenge against her brother and others in Port Charles whom she was wronged by, but how long will she be sticking around wrecking havoc?

Olivia Jerome will leave Port Charles soon

General Hospital” spoilers tease that there are some juicy moments ahead for Olivia, but the actress just revealed that she has wrapped up her time in the role, at least for now.

Tonja Walker took to her Facebook page on Monday and shared that she is done filming scenes and she will air through mid-March. However, it sounds as if the door is open for her to return as Olivia and it sounds as if she would love to have the opportunity.

Jason and Curtis are edging closer and closer to figuring out that Olivia is the one pulling Julian's strings and things will get crazy when the fact that she's alive and in Port Charles emerges. She is clearly tied to Morgan's supposed death and viewers just learned that she is taking advantage of Alexis by pretending to be a supportive sponsor in her journey to sobriety.

'General Hospital' spoilers tease a big twist is ahead

How far will Olivia go to get the revenge she's seeking?

How does her desire to have Julian take over GH factor into things? “General Hospital” spoilers from Walker tease that the story has only just begun at this point, and it sounds as if the next month or so will get wild as this plays out. As viewers bemoaned the exit on Michael Fairman's "On-Air, On-Soaps," Walker herself seemingly commented about how much more is still on the way from this villainous Jerome.

Tonja noted a “General Hospital spoiler tease that there is a huge surprise on the way and she indicated that she ultimately will appear in 30 episodes at this point. She added that she was involved in both comedy and suspense, as well as fights and stunts, in the scenes she filmed and she encouraged viewers to hold on and get ready for a lot of action that is still on the way.

There had been a lot of buzz as word of Walker's return swirled and fans are anxious to see where this heads. Will Olivia shake things up in truly significant ways before the actress departs again? “General Hospital” spoilers tease that things will be getting wild as the February sweeps continue and everybody will be curious to see where things head next.