"General Hospital" has been giving their viewers some exciting stuff this past week with the big Jason Morgan reveal to Sonny, and now the rest of Port Charles. However, there is yet another character returning very soon. Bree Williamson has just been announced that she will be reprising her role as Claudette Beaulieu. What has she been up to since she has been presumed dead?

Was Valentin lying?

Valentin Cassadine had supposedly killed Claudette last year. She mysteriously disappeared and later there was evidence found that she was dead. Valentin had to tell Charlotte that the mother who raised her was gone forever.

But that doesn't look to be the case at all.

Now that Claudette will be heading back to Port Charles soon, that will spell some trouble for the person who was thought to have killed her. Did Valentin really try to do away with her? There is always a possibility that he had set her up to start a new life far away from PC giving her loads of money to pay her off to stay away from their daughter.

Cassandra digs up the past

Cassandra is doing her best to convince Valentin to once again work with her, but he is refusing to have anything at all to do with her now that he is happily married.

Whether it is business or pleasure, he told her that he is done. However, Cassandra brought out the big guns and is trying to blackmail him.

On Friday's episode of "General Hospital," she handed him a photo of Claudette. It appears that she is alive and well and that Cassandra knows that. Will Valentin take the bait and decide to work with her to keep her mouth shut?

He told Nina that he took care of his business problem. Did he make a deal with the devil?

What Claudette's return will mean

The truth about Claudette's role as mother to Charlotte was revealed months ago, but she is still the woman whom the little girl considered her mom. She was told that she died. Her return from the dead will certainly cause havoc in Charlotte's life.

Valentin will not be happy about that. It could also affect his marriage to Nina. Claudette was also involved with both Griffin and Nathan, so her return could cause some old feelings to return.

Claudette returns very soon

Even though the announcement just came in this week, it looks like Bree Williamson has already started filming her scenes on "General Hospital." That means she will be appearing sooner rather than later. It is not known yet just how long she will be staying.

Are you looking forward to having Claudette back in PC? Sound off your thoughts! Stay tuned to "General Hospital" to find out how this will all play out.