'The 100' is gaining much attention recently and it is confirmed for a fifth season! Meantime, more followers have been asking what could happen in the next episode. It is titled "The Tinder Box", written by Charmaine De Grate, in which we will see whether or not Clarke's strategy will succeed. Now let's review what has happened in the last episode 'A Lie Guarded' and then we will analyze the next with spoilers, previews, and interviews.

Here's what happened in the last episode 'A Lie Guarded'

In the meantime, in the last episode, we saw things get worse for Luna (N.

Hilker) and at the end, Luna encountered another important loss in her lifetime. The gang had to move to Becca's (E. Cerra) deserted laboratory, and all fought, particularly Raven (L. Morgan), during the campaign. While all managed to save themselves, Nyko could not make it and died. Nadia Hilker, indeed, recently gave an interview, and she admitted that she was shocked when she learned about this death. "It feels like Luna - said Nadia Hilker - she cried in every scene but she will unveil another personality of her character that no one has ever seen''.

The 100: previews and latest news on the fifth episode

In the next installment named "The Tinder Box," the preview exhibits that Clarke will do all she can to convince Roan to support Arkadia to survive the atomic apocalypse, but with alternatives falling out, Sky People will die if the leader is not capable of finding a way to protect them from Armageddon.

Clarke wants to make agreements, avoid conflicts and concentrate on survival. In the fourth episode, Clarke decided to do a compromise with Roan by giving him the flame. She wished that he would comprehend that the unique method for them to live is by joining forces.Though she continues her discussion with Roan, some of her men are hidden, ready to hit the tribe guide. What will occur in this stalemate? We just have to follow the next episode, 'The Tinder Box', that will air next Wednesday, at 9.00 PM EST on CW.