"bates motel" is in its final season. Fans can prepare to see Norman living in the house alone, running the motel alone and dealing with his blackouts. If you don't want to know, don't continue to read. There is information regarding the final season that could spoil some surprises for you!

Entertainment Weekly recently interviewed Kerry Ehrin, showrunner for "Bates Motel" for some insight into what fans can expect in the final season. Apparently the executives want to go out with style. While Kerry stressed in the interview that the show is not based on the movie "Psycho," there are some similarities in the two stories.

The character from the movie, Marion Crane, will soon sign the guest registry at "Bates Motel."

What is the time frame of the new season?

The final season picks up about a year and a half after the death of Norma. Norman is living in a mixture of realities. He is managing the hotel and covering his secrets but his alter ego still takes over at times, causing Norman to experience blackouts.

As for Marion Crane, played by Rihanna, she will be in several episodes of "Bates Motel." She is going to bring the character into the right era. She is in a relationship with a guy that just keeps stalling instead of taking the relationship to the next level. Being a modern woman, she isn't afraid to ask for what she wants.

Norman is in a fragile place when she shows up on the scene. Marion Crane is a sweet, beautiful and very present person. That turns out to be just what he needs at the time. Kerry said we will just have to wait and see if there is a shower scene as in the movie but to remember that this is "Bates Motel," not "Psycho."

Will Dylan be back?

Dylan has left the area and moved on with his life.

He has no idea his mother is dead but of course he will find out. The dysfunctional family ties have a way of sucking him back every time he tries to make a break.

They have big plans for this season. Kerry made it clear to fans that they went big on this one and that fans won't be disappointed. Tune in each week to enjoy the ride!