In the month since Donald Trump has been in the White House, he's increased his war on the media. On Friday, Trump took his feud with the press to another level.

Hollywood on Trump

On Friday morning, Donald Trump addressed attendees at the Conservative Political Action Conference. For the first part of his speech, Trump elected not to address issues impacting the United States, but rather his problem with the mainstream media, who he continues to refer to as "fake news." The former host of "The Apprentice" repeated the term "fake news" on more than one occasion, claiming that those news outlets are the "enemy of the people." Later on in the afternoon, the White House announced that several news outlets were banned from attending the daily Press Briefing, which quickly resulted in backlash.

As seen across Twitter on February 24, Hollywood celebrities are voicing their opinions on the issue.

"Watching DT address CPAC. Astounding that this ball of narcissistic sickness is actually our president," actor and director Rob Reiner wrote on Twitter Friday night, before adding, "Follow the bouncing cover up." In a second tweet, Reiner noted, "Time for media to dig in hard to get the truth out about Trump ties to Russia.

1st amendment and life of our democracy depends on it."

Actor John Fugelsang also hit back at Donald Trump on Twitter following his comments at CPAC and his action against the media.

"Orange 70-year old toddler who got elected because of leaks is here to scream about leaks," Fugelsang wrote, while later adding, "Trump's so crazy his meds are off him." Actress and talk show host Rosie O'Donnell then chimed in, stating, "no such thing as worse than DONALD - he is it - lowest of the low," while using the hashtag "FreedomofthePress."

Celebrity resistance

Actor George Takei also took to Twitter to criticize Donald Trump for his media attacks.

After calling his war on the press "unhinged," Takei went on to tweet, "I support non-violent resistance to the increasingly unhinged reign of Trump. It is the only way forward."

"Oh my God. CNN, Los Angeles Times, NY Times and Politico were blocked from White House press briefing," actress Alyssa Milano sent out on social media. Dallas Maverick owner Mark Cuban continued his feud with the president, writing, "Fake News is a claim you only hear from people afraid of transparency." As the night moved on, Hollywood didn't hold back its criticism across social media.